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How to choose a hydraulic hose

The first things to consider when you are looking for hydraulic hose are the pressure rating and SAE spec.

You can find the needed pressure rating by referring to a manual, doing a pressure check, or by looking for identifying marks on your old hose.

Once you have identified the pressure rating needed, you can focus on the SAE spec and hose size. The SAE spec tells you how the hose is made up and what application it is designed for - you also use this to determine the type of fittings you'll need and how it will be crimped. The SAE spec and size also goes hand in hand to determine the maximum pressure of the hose.

For example: a 1/4" (-04) 100R16 hose may have a rating of 5,800 PSI and a 3/4" (-12) 100R16 hose may have a rating of 3,118 PSI. If your application calls for a 3/4" (-12) hose that is rated at 4,000 PSI, then you would need a 100R12 4-wire hose which meets the specs that the application calls for. In contrast, a 4 wire hose would not be used for smaller sizes since normally a 2 wire hose can cover high pressure ratings when using a size of 1/4" (-04) up to 1/2" (-08).

In short summary, this is a very brief overview of what goes into selecting a hydraulic hose.

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