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Fittings... Hose fittings, hose ends, crimp fittings...

People have all sorts of different terminology for them, whatever you want to call them, we have you covered. Our goal is to get you the right part when you need it. Our fittings are manufactured here in the USA. This means some might cost a few cents more than the imported ones offered by other online stores. When you shop with us, you can support our economy while getting parts you can trust and quality that you can rely on. Either way, we offer discount prices even if you are buying just a couple of fittings for your hose or in bulk. We keep a large inventory of fittings in stock and ship most orders the same day from South Carolina. So if you are looking for replacement fittings for applications that used the Weatherhead U Series, Kurt, Kimball Midwest, Discount Hydraulic Hose, Imperial Eastman, Dayco, Parker HY, and more... then you've found your source for parts.