Pump Connector Fixed Flange ( Carbon Steel Ends)
Pump Connector Fixed Flange ( Carbon Steel Ends)
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Metal hose can be used in many industrial applications where ambient or hose media temperature is much higher than industrial or hydraulic hose parameters. Furnished with the fittings attached, this hose is good for misaligned connections and anywhere vibration is a concern. Hose ID is ribbed. Can be used outdoors
  • Applications: Include steam, water, air, hydraulic, chemical (see chemical compatibility chart) and many more specialized applications.
  • Quality Testing: Our assemblies are 100% tested prior to shipment.
  • Material: Hose is 321 Stainless Steel and the hose braid is 304 Stainless Steel
  • Flow Velocity: Flow velocities exceeding 75 ft/second liquid, 150 ft/second gas require a liner. Should your application exceed these parameters please call us @ 877-233-7104.
  • Operating Pressures: All pressures are listed at 70°F ambient temperature. For temperatures in excess of 70°F please see Working Pressure Derating Factor Chart
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°F to +1,200 °F (-40°C to +650°C )


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